The Veggie Plot is looking up!

I have managed to sow some more carrots (albeit a little late due to snow!), some beetroot, more tomato plants, more cut and come again lettuce/rocket and spurred on the asparagus pea.

The weather has been rainy so yesterday when the weather was good we rushed out and sorted the garden! The slug problem has been dire and they have eaten half my lettuces so have added more coffee mulch, egg shells and the beer trap seems to be doing the job!

We have been using our herbs from the garden too for pasta sauces and bread toppers.

Podge the cat has been more bold recently due to sunny weather and has been ff exploring most days but returning for a big dinner each eve! : )

The sheep have returned to near us too – right next to the allotment so they are friendly faces watching us as we weed!

Katy, The Good Life In Practice xx


4 thoughts on “The Veggie Plot is looking up!

  1. You don’t have a slug problem! You have a duck deficiency! My three Indian Runners have just discovered the delights if slug guzzling and are welcome to every last one of the little slimy monsters!

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