Baking Progress at The Good Life In Practice

Here I have been lucky enough to have some time to practice my baking. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes not so well! But half the fun is in the learning process : )

Cake wise I have made a chocolate and cherry sponge cake – a great recipe from an American friend! Also, have made a batch of chocolate brownies and the Yoghurt Blueberry cake I made a week ago. Tonight I am making an Apple Tarte Tatin so will let you know how it goes!

Bread wise I have had successes and failures. The Zopf Bread pictured above is a classic popular Swiss style bread which is made using butter to make it light and soft. Also it is the Sunday bread families have and also used for special occasions such as Easter. I made it  from a good recipe but I don’t think I waited long enough the second time for it to rise once plaited. Oh well! Anyway, it smelt good, looked good and tasted good but was very heavy and hard. Therefore, we had some for breakfast but apart from that we have frozen it and will sue the rest in soups and other things! On the other hand the flat breads were a great success. They were really quick to make and bake – we used the Oregano from our herb garden which was great! They came up well and we had them with a simple Yoghurt Dip for supper that eve. Would definitely make them again. Let me know if you would like the recipe : )

All in all good baking progress!

Katy x



4 thoughts on “Baking Progress at The Good Life In Practice

  1. I have some oregano looking healthy and ready to pick in our new veggy box so the recipe for the flat bread would be great. We always use oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping our homemade flat breads but I will give yoghurt a try next time – did you just add something like garlic and chives?

  2. When did the recipe for the zopf recipe tell you to add the butter? When I was using Swiss flour I tended to find that it wouldn’t develop enough gluten if you added the fat too early, so you had to do virtually all the kneading before then incorporating the butter. I don’t know if you had the same issue but it might help with the denseness issue

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