Fruhling Marit: Spring Market

We were lucky enough to be able to go to the local Spring market in our village on Friday. This is a market predominately for the local diary farmers. At the start of the market all the farmers attend a meeting to record, swap and write down which pastures they have for the coming season. For example, one mountain might have 20 grazing rights for 20 farmers and these names are put down for the season. Additionally, the farmers and their families can use this market to store or buy anything they may need for the summer work – for instance, work clothes, cattle products (from bells to suckling rings for calves!).

We explored it and talked to locals and friends alike. Was a lovely morning with good weather – in fact I got sunburnt! Oh well! We brought some handmade Pasta which was from the Ticino Swiss area for dinner. we got 2 different types of tortellini to try – Butternut Squash and Asparagus! Both were very tasty with a simple cheese sauce! : )

On the other side of things, If some readers do not know yet we lost two of our hens over a month and a half. We first thought it was a Fox but there was not blood, feathers, digging and the snatchings were spaced out. Therefore, after the lost of Jeehee the chicken, Fiona  was a bit lonely for the last week. Additionally, we originally had them in a large fenced in enclosure. However, so we reduce the chance of loss again Michael has made a make shift small run to connect to the hen house. We will modernise and improve this but for now it keeps the chickens safe and is a smaller area and completely enclosed over the top too (the losses could have been due to eagles too!?!).

Anyho, we have not dispaired but instead got the new smaller run ready before Fridays market and then got Fiona 2 friends from the market to keep her company! they are a Swiss Breed of white chicken (same as Leah was) and a Rhode Island Red hybrid. So far they have been laying well, Fiona has stamped down her authority without any fights and they seem to be going around exploring as a three which is lovely : )

Fingers crossed all will be well, we and the chickens are learning everyday and getting new ideas of how to improve things!


Katy xx


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