The Vegetable Patch: Topsoil

In previous posts I have written a bit more on the soil/allotment side of things. For instance, I discussed the positives of using manure on your allotment and also the benefits of compost. Another element to vegetable growing or in fact any good garden is decent topsoil.

So what is Topsoil? It is the uppermost part of the soil structure. Also, it contains lots of organic matter which help the plants to grow well. This can be anything from micro-organisms to nutrients from leaves or bark that have decomposed in the soil.

As with all things Allotment and garden every aspect is very important. For example, getting a good top soil full of nutrients is key to having either a good garden or a productive vegetable patch. Here is an easy to follow link from Rolawn with more tips and topsoil advice. Also on this link they have a topsoil calculator which helps you to figure out how much you would need for your plot and why.

Lastly, If you are going to buy in or source extra topsoil it is key to get peat free and lots of good sites and companies have peat free supplies. Sourcing peat free topsoil is important as it helps to protect the peat bogs in the UK and the species inhabiting the area and stops the depletion of it.


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