Product Review: Honeybuns Tasty Gluten Free Flapjacks!

I got some scrummy gluten free flapjacks from Honeybuns Bakery to try today! I had a Plain Flapjack and Cranberry and Pecan Flapjack.

Honeybuns is a bakery based in Sherbourne in Dorset, UK and they cook all their gluten free goods in small handmade batches.These flapjacks I tried were particularly good as they are not only completely gluten free (sustainable source of gluten free oats) but also they still taste like normal flapjacks with a lovely buttery rich texture, due to their traditional longer baking of 45 minutes.

I like the fact that the packaging is eco friendly. Also the Honeybuns Bakery have won some great titles and prizes for their products. This includes the Supreme Champion, Best of British and Best Speciality in the South West in the National Great Taste Awards with the Guild of Fine Food. Also they have 3 Great Taste Double Star Gold Awards too!

The Pecan and Cranberry Flapjack was packed full of juicy cranberries and chunky pecans – very tasty for gluten free and non gluten free taste buds!

Pecan and Cranberry Flapjack

Pecan and Cranberry Flapjack

Additionally, the plain flapjack had a lovely home-made buttery taste to it! Would definitely have again : )

Plain flapjack

Plain flapjack

Overall, I really enjoyed this flapjacks and thought  they were a great Gluten Free alternative treat!

One thought on “Product Review: Honeybuns Tasty Gluten Free Flapjacks!

  1. Haven’t heard of Honeybuns – I will look them up. I am fine eating gluten but sometimes I think it doesn’t hurt to give it a break occasionally – especially as I make my own bread and eat too much of it!

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