Quick report from back in the UK…


Just a quick report here from back in the UK. How the veggie garden is going there! My Dad and Mum have been busy keeping it growing and have got their first batch of fresh strawberries from the garden this week!

Here are a few pictures from the veggie garden – some are in the front garden and some are in the back garden in a fenced in area next to the chicken run. The chickens love it in the autumn as sometimes they get over the fence and run around in all the leaves and crops!

Dad has been putting up some netting to keep white butterflies out, also growing spring onions, leeks, red beet, swedes, black salsify, carrots and short beans.Also salad lettuce crops growing in window boxes! Summer is truly here!

Also my family are getting 4 bantams in a few weeks and they went to see them on Wednesday at a local family who keep backyard chickens. The mother hen had 14 eggs to hatch and they only lost one so 13 chicks! Tabitha, my sister took some photos for me of the chicks – all different colours, and some with fluffy feathery feet!

Looking forward to seeing the bantams : )

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x


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