Sweet treats

We watched the Tennis Mens Final a few days ago and made it a nice little event with chocolate cake (very quickly made the eve before!) with chocolate butter cream and lots of edible sprinkles in the Union Jack colours! I had been wanting an excuse to use these for ages! The cake was not eye friendly but was taste-bud friendly! We also had some special edition Pimms (Blackberry and Elderflower) which a UK friend had brought back with him from a visit home, which added to the fun! Overall we had a great time and I finally managed to figure out the Tennis scoring system by the end!

Also, yesterday I was busy trying a new recipe of Carrot Cake. I have never made it before so was a new experience. Also being in the mountains of Switzerland we have to alter our baking as we are at altitude so have to alter the amount of baking powder we have to put in so it does not get greasy or brittle. Additionally, they do not have self raising flour here so we have to roughly measure all the plain flour and baking powder. Last thing is I have no measuring scales for baking with in our little flat so cook everything by eye and rough measurements. This is quite frustrating but equipment is very expensive here and whatever we accumulate here we will at some point have to manoeuvre back to the UK by air! This being said makes for very experimental baking and creates a challenge! Therefore I was quite pleased that my carrot cake with cream cheese and butter icing with cinnamon came out really well : )

Overall, it had been quite a successful baking week and although none will win prizes for best looking they tasted yummy! : )

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x



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