BBQ, Baking and Podge the Cat

Today we have been baking and sorting the garden a bit! In the garden we did a quick cut of the long grass but will need to brush cut and strim the rest soon. Also I added some more support canes to the peas now they are really growing well! We managed to clear a small area to have a space to sit on the allotment area and have a little BBQ! We had a quick BBQ and got to use our home grown salad leaves. Our Salad crops are thriving since we saved them from the slugs and brought them up to the flat windowsills. Therefore we used some cut and come again lettuce leaves and chives for inside our Burger Baps, very tasty and very local!

Michael enjoyed being the BBQ man and Podge the Cat even came to join us half way through! Podge was cautious of the BBQ and the Sheep in the field nearby but risked it to come sit on the picnic blanket : )

Also I made a batch of Devon Jubilee Tarts from ‘The Fabulous Baker Boys’ second TV series. I have caught up with some cookery shows from the UK so saw this as a chance to make something a bit different and it used fresh cherries too! Here is the link to the recipe We really loved the taste of them and they were very easy to make too – very good for someone like me who has no measuring equipment, baking at altitude and has little patience for lots of instructions! All in all it was a grand day and we have discovered something new to add to our baking favourites : )

Katy, The Good Life In Practice xx


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