The Garden and The Peas

This week has been time to think about when we are back in the UK.

We have been discussing what we would really ideally want from our outdoor space. Have been thinking about Bespoke Garden Features. We would love a pond for wildlife but think that may be a too big a project to start off with! What with trying to to move and settle in too! However, we have been thinking about a special BBQ or fire gathering area in the garden. for instance to build our own static BBQ area with seating around it. Michael has some ideas for home made benches or pallet furniture.

When going for a bigger project, expertise is key. Ask experts in the field of what you want to do. I quite liked Avalon Artscapes awesome designs for labyrinths and mazes! They are great fun! Avalon Artscapes are a family run company who draw on their garden landcaping experience in both New Zealand and the UK including ideas for decking, landscape design and willow work such as fencing. I did some willow weaving as part of my Countryside Management Course back in 2011, and the structures do look great : )

We are starting small in a small garden when we return so will be doing a small BBQ area and some raised beds to grow veg in. It will be a challenge starting over all again!

Here our veg is doing well – have included some photos of our pea plants. I keep eating the small pods as they are lovely and sweet!


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