Recipe: How to make Cherry Brandy by Peter Runacres

This is a more unusual recipe for an alcoholic beverage. A great and easy recipe and a bit different to the norm. You could make in batches for drinking later once its matured. This piece is by Peter Runacres, my dad. Dad has years of brewing experience including the usual elderflower champagne and sloe gin but also other concoctions such as banana wine and plum vodka!
Picture Below: Fathers Wine Making Antics…
  • Cherries (as many handfuls as you fancy and can fit)
  • Sugar
  • Liquor of Choice. Note – You can use almost anything, I have used Pimms this year to experiment! Brandy is always a winner and so is Rum (but use dark sugar with Rum).
  • Fill a large jar ( which has a tight fitting top) with Cherries – washed, pricked all over or scored.
  • Add 2 dessert spoons of sugar N.B some prefer Caster, I like Demerara.
  • Get your liquor of choice. Then pour the liqour into the jar to cover fruit.
  • Leave the jar in a cool, dark place.
  • Shake the jar mixture every week to mix the sugar in, then leave till Christmas – if you can wait that long!

By Peter Runacres

The Good Life In Practice – I reckon this would make grand and great presents at Christmas time for friends and family, plus it does not need any fancy equipment.

What do you think of Dads recipes? Do comment and let us know how you get on and your other ideas? Sloe Gin is always a winner too!

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x

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