Down at the bottom of the garden….

I have been looking at good ideas to improve the garden, either DIY or products to help with outdoors maintenance.

I like the look of making our own mini DIY greenhouse similar to the one of this site We could use second hand and old windows for the roof part. And I quite like this DIY tool organiser made of an old wooden pallet! We used old wooden pallets as part of our chicken coop back in the UK and it worked very well!

Additionally, I found the Sam Turner website which supplies good farm and garden goods back in the UK. Very useful for us as we are smallholders, gardeners and have animals! I like their background as they were established in North Yorkshire in 1931 specifically for agricultural and horticultural products. They originally sold them at local markets such as Leyburn and branched out later. It is still going as a family business today and is closely linked to the local farming community. On searching for brushcutters and strimmers for when we return to the UK I also found they stock STIHL and Husqvarna brands – both are good quality. When I did my brushcutting course both brands were also mentioned as being more expensive but good and reliable for regular use.

bulldog tools has some brilliant decent quality shovels and a good range of hay forks and rakes useful for doing some outdoors work preparing for the autumn which will be upon us soon! We have many jobs on our list is always growing so anything to ease the work or make it faster is good : )

More posts soon about the chickens, the veg patch finishing the summer season and Pig Club…

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x


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