A Lovely Yorkshire Wedding…

Our friends Ed and Maya got married a few weeks ago in Yorkshire. We went back to the UK for 3 days for the wedding and loved it. It was a great home made wedding with all friends and family helping out. Have included a few pictures from the day of the people, decorations and food! : )

The Photos below are of the lovely setting. The Wedding was in a local Methodist Church and also outside on the garden area : ) We explored the countryside around too – made us miss the UK.

Also some fab food! All us family and friends took food for a shared Buffet. We took some Swiss Cheese and Chocolate from our region which seemed to go down well. Other people brought some brilliant home made cakes and salads! The Alternative Wedding cake was home made and beautiful – a meringue and mini meringues with berries and edible flowers! Also the church was decorated with colourful bunting, natural elements and they even had a lovely vintage rolls to collect them : )

The Beer was all supplied by Mayas dad and he got different local beers and ales to try in the beer tent outside. The Flowers were all done by Maya, the bride and were nice and colourful. All displayed in different vases – even old treacle tins brilliant! : )

Lastly, just a few quick pictures of us at the wedding! It was a vintage theme with everyone wearing something that was either vintage, second-hand or from a charity shop.

We really enjoyed going to the wedding and thankyou Ed and Maya for having us! : ) I have only ever been to 2 weddings before as a child aged 3 and 12 years old so this was my first adult wedding and I loved it : ) Just my cup of tea and loved the feel of community spirit too : )

Hope you have enjoyed sharing this and the photographs : )

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x


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