Camping, Cooking and finding a Shed….

We have been researching lots of prices, quality and more about garden things such as sheds  and camping equipment for when we return to the UK. Whilst taking a gander online we came across another Home and Garden Store called Oldrids and Downton, and it can be found at

I had a good gander at their garden and camping equipment – especially liked the Union Jack camping fold-able chair – great for setting up camp! We use similar chairs for when we go camping in the Lake District and Peak District as keeps you off the ground and you do not get a damp behind! It very useful when camping to have a decent tent, chair for when you want to be around the camp fire at night for meal times and lastly, a good tragia or stove to cook on. Here are a few pictures  below of when we went camping with some friends in the Lake District – was great and it only rained on two days!

Also looking at Oldrids and Downtons site – the garden sheds were a nice size, shape and would fit most gardens. We are planning on setting up a garden when we are back in UK with a garden shed to store essentials in so are constantly looking round for ones. Additionally, I have found a DIY site for making sheds out of recycled materials – even car tyres! Love the hobbit house shed –

Its brilliant that now you can go online and access information about gardening and also access free DIY plans and ideas – very useful for the Smallholder, Gardener and DIY enthusiast! : )

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x


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