Sutton Seeds!

My seeds from Sutton Seeds that I got at the start of the summer have been growing well!

I got sent a grand selection of seeds including some of the new collection by James Wong.

James Wongs collection ‘Home Grown Revolution’ included new plants such as Callaloo and Asparagus Pea. Recently I have been catching up on ‘Home Grown Revolution’ and ‘Grow Your Own Drugs’ by James Wong on the television as I had never seen them before. They are brilliant! Really enjoyed learning more alternative ways of using herbs and edible flowers to make natural remedies and medicines for common ailments.

Also from Suttons I got some veg and salad seeds to sow. The salad crops such as the Rocket Pegasus is doing really well. We have our on the windowsill so its easy to get to to cut at dinnertime! The Mangetout has been growing well too and we have been trying to keep the slugs off all of our crops!

If you want to have a gander at any of the seeds I used you can find them on

All the news from the garden for now,

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x


6 thoughts on “Sutton Seeds!

  1. I have James Wong’s book and make his bite cream, living in France we need it from about July until September. When the farmers are cutting the corn etc there are little mites that come out, you don’t see them or feel them but by golly you sure know that you have been bitten!
    His Plantain cream is great!

  2. I cannot understand the time on my comments, what is the difference between you and us? I send this reply at 11.44am our time but according to the message it was 9.44, are you 2 hours behind France?

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