Autumn is upon us…

Hello Hello,

So I have been a tad quiet on here the last few weeks as we have had lots of visitors to stay which has been lovely but the smallholding blog and fallen down the way for a bit! We have had my parents and a good friend to stay and it has been grand to catch up with everything.

Anyway lots to talk about on The Good Life In Practice Smallholding! Autumn is upon us and the days here in the Mountains are definitely getting colder and darker! I love autumn and it is probably my favourite season of all with cosy nights in, humble country food and copious amounts of tea and cake!

Autumn is great for food! We are having a thick hearty butternut squash soup to warm us warm and great for a dark evening : )



Autumn brings great food – plums, tasty fresh bread and squashes of all sorts!

In the garden the plants are running down now although we are still getting pea harvests. The chickens are enjoying the light mornings and laying lots of tasty fresh eggs for us – very good for making courgette chocolate brownies!

Back home in the UK the Suffolk smallholding is doing well. We are getting a couple more Rhode Island Red Hybrids chickens to keep the egg production going well in the autumn/winter as the 2 old ladies are slowing down a bit. Also unfortunately, 2 out of our 4 bantams are cockerels for sure! They have grown up a bit and so we will have to have bantam pie at some point!

However, on the positive side much country wine and jam has been made. Including blackberry wine, plum wine and wild cherry jam.

The big news from back in Britain is the fact we are getting some rabbits for smallholding purposes in a few days. We are getting 1 Buck and 2 Does for breeding rabbits for meat. It will be a good source of lean meat for over the winter period and provide a cheap source of very local meat for our family. My dad is making the hutches for the rabbits and has recycled old oven grids to make hay racks and ordered water drinkers. The rabbits are New Zealand  cross Californians so should be a great breed to have. Dad collects them on the 14th and I cannot wait to meet them! Dad used to keep rabbits for years with his sister on the Nuttery Smallholding which they then sold to local grocers, so he is excited about restarting this venture on a smaller scale.

More news on this soon!

Right, time to serve up the autumn soup and pop the kettle on, Katy The Good Life In Practice xx


One thought on “Autumn is upon us…

  1. I wish I could try your blackberry wine! That sounds so delicious! And I just got back from my first trip to Switzerland – does it get any more beautiful than the mountains?!

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