The new rabbits and going back in time…

So a few quick pictures of our new lovely rabbits! We have 2 Does (female) called Blossom and Clover. Waldo is our new Buck (Male) breeding rabbit too. Dad made the new hutches for them and they are settling in well. They won’t be ready to breed off for a few months yet, at that point we can then produce home grown, very very local rabbit meat – which is a lean meat and good for you, so look forward to this new venture. My dad used to rear meat rabbits with my auntie on the Nuttery smallholding and sell the meat to a local grocers, so is looking forward to rearing rabbits again.

Also this weekend was the WW2 agricultural ‘back in time’ event at my sisters work place. My sister Tabitha works at a great Agricultural and Folk museum in Suffolk, which she helps lead events and look after the livestock. The Sow there has recently had piglets!

If your in Suffolk and have time, take a visit as there is lots to see and do, here is a link to their site:

Anyway, they all dressed up for the weekend to fit in with all the craft, events and activities going on. My sister went as a Lumber Jill from the Women’s Timber Corps. Lumber Jills used to work in the UK woodland and Forests working in Forestry and preparing timber, hence the name ‘Lumber Jill’ rather than ‘Lumber Jack’. They were a huge but often forgotten workforce that helped with the war effort, whilst the Men who worked in Forestry were away as soldiers.

So with a bit of combined effort of borrowing Dads old trousers, mums shirt and finding other bits and bobs Tabs dressed up and I think she did a fantastic job and looks the part! After work she took a few pictures at home with the chooks and the new rabbits : )

My Granma was a Land Army Girl during World War 2. She got a medal and I hope to research and write more on this in the future. Most people who played their part in the war effort got medals soon after the War finished – however its crazy to think the Women’s Land Army and Women’s Timber Corps were not given recognition and badges of honour for their efforts till 2008!

Hope you have enjoyed a quick delve into our Agricultural and Social History, and I would love to hear others stories, Katy, The Good Life In Practice x


7 thoughts on “The new rabbits and going back in time…

  1. That’s brilliant, love the photo’s. We have those 1940’s themed events up here in Lincs. Have yet to go to one but they look great! I had no idea about the Lumber Jill folks – that’s so interesting. These women should never be forgotten for all the hard work they did.
    Good luck with the rabbets. I think it’s a great venture although I don’t think I could do it myself. I’d name the little fluffies and then that would be it – they’d all become pets! However I’m not adverse to eating rabbit it’s just the killing part I couldn’t do (with anything, not just rabbets per se).

  2. I love all the pictures it’s really atmospheric. Sad about the little bun though 😦 I’ve got two as pets so couldn’t do that myself, I’d love to keep chickens but then I’d never eat chickens again! I’m a softie πŸ™‚ Beautiful photos – love them so vintage! x

    • thanks about the photos : ) Yes it would be a bit different – I am mainly veggie as very fussy about where my food comes from ie welfare etc but if its home reared im more likely to be happy to eat it : ) Also we are only naming and getting to know the 2 does and Buck as otherwise think will get too attached to the rabbits! Dad used to keep rabbits for rearing from meat so he is taking charge and I will see how much I can partake in!…..Im a bit fussy as I wont eat meat unless I am happy with it being eaten or know where it comes from, the more local and better welfare standards the better : ) xxxx

      • Hehe I don’t blame her πŸ™‚ they’re too cute and fluffy for me to think of eating them πŸ™‚ I tell you, if I was left in the wilderness to survive, I’d die! Twigs, leaves and berries for me πŸ™‚ xx

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