Moving and snow

So moving is rather stressful at the best of times but add early snow, a massive slope, moving countries and it being the 2nd move within a year then it gets a little more hectic!

Yes its early October and the snow is on the ground here in Switzerland so moving all the furniture out and boxing everything up is even more work! ….However some people in our family are not that bothered – namely Podge the cat who just enjoys skipping around our feet as we huff and puff up a hill carrying a wardrobe!

A few pictures of the progress so far…

Think this will be the toughest move yet! particularly when we have a cat to return with us back to the UK : ) Katy, The Good Life In Practice x


4 thoughts on “Moving and snow

  1. That looks wicked, to think there is snow around already, here in France it is just very cold even though it was chucking it down all night!
    Why are you moving back to the UK, are you going back to Switzerland again or staying in the UK?

    Good luck with the move and take care!

    • The snow started the last few days! eek! and we had already packed our snow boots – does the snow come later in france? moving back to UK to get into careers etc, can’t believe we have been here for a year and a half – has gone fast but looking forward to next challenge in UK : ) will be staying in UK then, thanks for the luck – we are bubble wrapping and boxing things up as we speak ; ) xx

      • Well, when I bought the property in 2002 we were told it does not snow here, it has snowed every winter since we arrived in 2005!
        We went back to the UK to see my granddaughter that was born 29th Nov 09 and spent Christmas and New Year there. We then went from London to Bristol and I dropped hubby down to Exeter to his parents. My car had to have something done to it on the 4th or 5th Jan and he told me that as soon as it was ready, throw everything in and get down to pick him up.
        We left Exeter at 8.45pm and it should have been a 2hr trip, we got to Portsmouth at 2.30am.
        Ice and thick snow, they closed the M27 next morning! When we got off the ferry (lucky to even get on) the snow had been cleared from Caen port and we then had a clear run until the last 30mins, we went no where after we got home for at least a week! They do not salt or grit in France! At least they had cleared the port here unlike Portsmouth!

        Hope you will be very happy back in the UK, wish it were me as I miss my family! xx

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