Cats, Chickens and Rabbits!

So we are back in the UK!

Settled back in for a bit at least! We are looking after a relatives farm for a couple of weeks so enjoying looking after the livestock, house and pets. Additionally, making full use of enjoying an amazing woodburner which we don’t usually have hehe! : )

Also, I have been back to Suffolk smallholding home to see how progress is going. They have been busy! The chickens and bantams are now all mixed in a nice large area – we have combined 3 pens together so they can roam all of it. Additionally, the 3 new Rhode Island Red hybrid gals are all settled in too – they are called Gugh, Mary and Plum; again after the Isles of Scilly. So in total we have combination of 11 chickens and bantams now.

The Meat rabbits are growing well too –they will be the breeding trio who will produce offspring and stay with us the whole time. All three are very friendly and spritely! Blossom and Clover, the 2 ladies are enjoying regular pats and cuddles and Waldo is enjoying scaring our big Ginger Tom cat by growling at him when he pops his head up to the hutch door to peer in! : )

Podge our now not so ex-pat cat has settled back into UK life perfectly. He remembered everyone and everything – even caught a mouse in the first 5 minutes of being released outdoors! He is enjoying a life of leisure and annoying our ginger tom cat Merlin by trying to wash him consistently and chase Merlin’s tail. Podge the cat is still wary of our ‘Killer Queen’ Babaloo our oldest black and white cat who is the only female cat. She rules the roost and the male cats fear her immensely so Podge is second in command to her, with poor Merlin running in at the bottom of the pile!

Babaloo head of the house!

Babaloo head of the house!


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