An update from the smallholding…

Apologies firstly for not doing posts recently – a lot seems to have been going on! But in the run up to Christmas thought I would do a quick run down of what been happening here on the smallholding…

The breeding rabbits we have for meat are taming well – Waldo gets very excited and jumps around kicking up his bedding when we head down in the afternoons to give them their food! Him and the ladies are growing nicely and happy to be picked up – although big jumpers are needed due to their sharp nails! All three should be ready to mate in February time. Dad is building a new larger hutch too for the does so they have plenty of space each.

The chickens are as usual enjoying life! Tresco is the mistress of the chickens and strikes fear into all the others so they keep a mutually respected distance from her. The old ladies Agnes and Bryher have slowed down with their egg production but this has been saved by the 3 younger POLs beginning to lay. The Bantams are still shy but are coming along beautifully and their plumage is wonderful!

The area near the chicken pens has been cleared and the blackberry bushes tamed. Here we hope to have some Runner Ducks in the near future after the colder months.

The temperature has dropped so have been planning more jobs inside and prepping for the Christmas period. Much preserving and cake making has been happening too this month – good for presents for Christmas too!

Right best be off now, enjoy the colder nights in the hectic run up to all things festive,

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x


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