Bantam of the Opera…

Finally we have had success with our bantams! After having them since September time we have eggs! We had them settling in and then over the moult period and thought that maybe they would take longer than the new hens to lay. Luckily this last week we have had success. We have been getting a small white egg from one of our bantams every other day this week – here are some photos to compare to the chickens eggs we usually get!

Also breaking news – one of the other bantams is now laying too! She has lovely blue coloured eggs, which are again half the size of a chickens egg.

At the moment egg production in general from the 7 chickens and 4 bantams is on the up and rising gradually day to day. Hopefully we will be back to full egg count despite the darker days soon.

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x


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