Christmas Festive Feelings…

A hello to all! Back on the blog again after a hectic build up to Christmas and Christmas Day itself! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas time, lots of tasty food and drink and all smallholding and homesteading activities went well over the season.

The motley crew on Christmas Day!

The motley crew on Christmas Day!

Our chickens got some extra corn and Waldo the rabbit had an extra cuddle! We went down to see them half way through the day and had some lovely Bantam and Chicken eggs to collect too.


Podge and I on Christmas Eve!

Here Christmas has been good and it was great to catch up with friends and family since returning from Switzerland. Christmas Day was unusual as Podge the cat had a day out! It sounds silly but we have recently moved house and Podge cannot go outside yet there and would have been trapped inside all day by himself….therefore he came with us to my parents for Christmas Day! He thoroughly enjoyed himself back on familiar territory on the farm – he explored outside for the day, ate turkey and assisted with unwrapping presents!

Podge the cat was tired after his long day out though!

Podge the cat was tired after his long day out though!

We had family and friends over for the day and had Turkey and Gammon – very lucky! Home-made Crab Apple Jelly with the meat. Lots of various veggies with this and of course the Christmas Pudding. Here is a quick picture of it with a new indoor sparkler my mum chose!

Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding

Overall we had a lovely Christmas Day and were very lucky to enjoy it with friends and family. We did not take a lot of photos of the day as it seemed so busy and went very fast so here are just a few : ) How was your Christmas Day spent? Smallholding jobs to do? Seeing Family? your own veg for the dinner? Let me know and I look forward to the New Year which is full of smallholding promise!

Katy, The Good Life In Practice xx


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