Rabbits and Chickens


So the last few weeks have been very manic with moving house, the aftermath of Christmas and New Years, starting a new job and attending skills days and training but now it has finally seemed to settle down! It has been a bit crazy but this Saturday I got the chance to catch up on the smallholding.

I had a check on  how the breeding meat rabbits are getting on – They have grown lots! Waldo was ready for cuddles – he is very chunky! In the photo above you can see Blossom and Clover the two does in the background.

The chickens and bantams are back up to full strength with egg laying. The old rabbit hutch has been transformed into another chicken house with ramp.

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x



2 thoughts on “Rabbits and Chickens

  1. What a busy life you live, so what skills are you learning then?
    I do feel sad about the rabbits, it is the same here in France. The lady next door used to breed rabbits for the table and I looked after them for a while as she was very ill, I think there were 16 rabbits and 20 hens or the other way round and 1 dog!
    There are no rabbits or hens now as she could not cope any longer with them and the dog died!
    As for hens being back to normal, I have 2 large black and 3 large white hens that didn’t lay for 3 months and I am only getting one a day, 5 small hens I am lucky if I get one a day and 2 what I call my babies that were born in July that are now both laying most days!

    Where am I going wrong?

    Good luck with everything, you sure seem to have your head screwed on the right way!

    All the best, Lynn

    • hi Lynn sorry for delayed reply – been a bit manic recently!

      As for chickens – we have hybrid rhode island reds and they are very regular layers : )

      Also have some hybrid mixed bantams and once they finally started laying they have been very regular,

      hope that helps! xx

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