Went to the family veg plot yesterday to catch up with father and he gave me some home grown Scorzonera to try!

It is like Salsify and this variety is ‘Black Russian’. It apparently can taste a little like Oysters so we shall see! They are easy to grow as a root vegetable as they don’t get diseases or issues and are sturdy. However, when digging up they can be a challenge as they are set solidly into the ground due to the length of the veg.

To prep it we scrub, peel and boil in a little hot water and lemon juice (so it doesn’t lose the white fleshy colour). They saute with a little butter and garlic. We are going to try ours in a Gratin so will see how it goes – either way it is a new and exciting veg to try!

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x



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