Broody Bantam…


One of our little Bantams is broody!

She had started to get broody and sit in the smaller hen house by herself. Therefore Dad went to a local poultry supplier and got 8 fertilised eggs for her to sit on. They are 4 different bantam breeds within the eggs – I will let you know which breeds soon. Fingers crossed she manages to hatch some of them. So far she has been an excellent broody mum coming off the eggs once a day for some food and water, then returning to sit on her eggs again. Watch this space for more news on her and her eggs.




2 thoughts on “Broody Bantam…

  1. Bantams make the best broody hens, theyre fantastic at churning out little chicklets! Good think you’re keeping the chicks all bantams, its easier for the mum. Looking forward to seeing them hatch!

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