Broody Bantam with eggs!

Our broody bantam was sitting on 8 fertilised eggs – and 5 were successful! The Bantam was a good broody and is now being a very dutiful mother to her chicks.

We got our eggs from Windy Poultry up in Rickinghall, Suffolk. We selected a number of different Bantam breeds from the choice available:

  • 2 x Golden Lace Partridge
  • 2 x Wheaten
  • 2 x Buff Orpington
  • 2 x Maran crossed Black Maroon

5 eggs of the 8 hatched and we have chicks! Will pop up some photos of them soon too.

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x


2 thoughts on “Broody Bantam with eggs!

  1. It is so good to hear that some of your eggs hatched out, one of my large hens is sat on 9 eggs and I have another 9 in an incubator, they are all due about the 8th.
    I think these eggs are Welsummers, have you ever had any of these?

    It is so nice when things go well as one of my hens died on Saturday night!

    Good luck with them, hope they are all girls!

    • Hi Lynn, nice to hear from you – have your eggs hatched yet? what was the success rate? I don’t think we have had welsummers before. We have a mix of bantams at the moment – some with fluffy legs and feet oddly!

      Sorry to hear about your chicken – was it clear what was wrong? We lost Thyme our cuckoo maran hybrid randomly last month too,

      Speak soon, Katy : )

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