Product Review: Stokes Sauces

I was lucky enough to be sent some fantastic goodies from Stokes Sauces! A great local business!

Stokes are a local food producer in Suffolk who create a selection of sauces and chutneys in small batches to ensure good quality products. I have done previous reviews of Stokes products and they have impressed me and the fact that they are local is even better!

We sampled a Barbeque Sauce, a Tartare Sauce, a Chilli Jam and a Herb Mayonnaise.

The Barbeque Sauce was tongue tingling and tasty added to chicken and duck for an easy dinner. Additionally, the chilli jam was not only good in sandwiches but also added to sauces and gravy! The Tartare Sauce was a classic side to serve with home-made fish and chips and the Herb Mayonnaise went well with sweet potato wedges.

If you fancy a gander at their goodies here is their website: and here is my previous review for them which has more information too:

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x

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