Arrietty and her brood…


Arrietty and her 5 chicks are doing well. Some have fluffy feet and fluffy legs and one is a little sparse on feathers – he is a bit behind the rest growing!

4 thoughts on “Arrietty and her brood…

    • hi, sorry for delayed response! : ) So far we have had no problems with our cats or next doors cats. Bigger birds like magpies and crows can be a problem and attack chicks or steal food from the run – we put up crossed string across the top of the run to deter them (also so they cannot fly in/sit on it easily) and also put in a scarecrow which we move often to confuse them! so far these seemed to have worked. xx

    • Also I have 3 full grown chickens who when I clean them out my 2 year old cat often comes in with me! he was brought up from a kitten near chickens and loves watching them and they don’t bother with him either – odd! : )

    • Hey : ) So far have had no problem with other cats getting in or trying to attack the chickens. My cats have grown up from kittens being in the run and around the chickens so do not try to attack them either. My cat Mr Podge is scared of them in fact and sits up on top of the chicken house roof when he comes to help me clean them out hehe! : )

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