Mr Podge has been in the wars…again…

Poor Mr Podgington is not having much luck poor lad!

Mr Podge was in another cat fight we reckon and obviously lost very badly! He has been injured yet again and become a rather expensive cat for a cat that was a feral outdoors freebie cat!

Poor Podge had a mass of scratches, an absess and cuts on his neck and ears and a huge gash under his arm that would not heal naturally as it was too wide and open. Therefore, we took him to the vets and he had to have an operation to have  it cleaned and sewn up. Hence, for the last week he has had to wear the cone of shame which as you can see in the middle photo he has not appreciated at all. He has managed to take it off twice already!

Podge kept walking into things and misjudging the size of the cone – he gave up on trying to eat difficult items and gave up trying to clean his face properly; so we came home one night to his face covered in food, cobwebs and dust – lovely. Anyway, he was not allowed to go outdoors or jump until it was healing properly. Thank god he is now okay and can go outside – cone is off and we have a much more pleasant, less angry cat in our household!

Now Podge has been allowed back outside we popped his collar on -and within less than 10 hours he had lost it – that is probably the fourth one that has been lost…

Anyway, all is all this supposed farm cat is causing rather a lot of trouble at the moment,

Katy and Mr Podge, The Good Life In Practice xx

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