Book Review: A Little Piece of England.



I received the book ‘A little piece of England’ by John Jackson through the post for a product review. It is a self-written account of about his family on their smallholding and their quest for self-sufficiency. The book has recently been re-released and follows the troubles, delights and activities on the family smallholding in rural Kent. I really enjoyed getting thoroughly into the book and enjoyed the way it was written. The characters that Jackson writes about are both detailed and believable – I found myself laughing many a times at the cockerels’ antics! Having had cockerels and chickens I found it doubly funny as the way he had written about the characters was spot on in the way they moved, acted and caused trouble!

The stories about Big and Little the dogs, the sheep and the elusive Ram, the cows and of course the numerous poultry including a feisty gander, geese, ducks and chickens are very easy to read and amusing. Personally, I think this is a great little book for budding smallholders and would be a great present for a new smallholder and conversely also entertain an established smallholder who could understand and identify with the stories and characters involved.

‘A Little Piece Of England – A Tale Of Self-Sufficiency’ by John Jackson has been reissued in hardback and is out now in all good book shops. It is also available in iBook and Kindle versions.


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