On Mel and Sue chat show…

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to be the featured home cook on ‘Mel and Sue’ the new daytime TV chat and cook show on ITV.

Show 4 big group 3

It was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to do it again! I cooked with rabbit and herbs which I had taken from our smallholding and also got to take a guest with me – my dad Peter who was at the start of the programme.

10406512_928932103786300_5272267747388213396_n 10489723_928932547119589_4859538936052594558_n

Sue and Mel were absolutely lovely and it was great chatting with them in the practice run, and meeting all the different people who made the show what it is including the food people, camera people and floor people. Was great fun to interact with Warwick and Nick on the show whilst cooking too.

Here is the link to the recipe: http://www.itv.com/melandsue/recipes/herb-crusted-rabbit

Here is the link to watch it on ITV player if you fancy popping over: https://www.itv.com/itvplayer/mel-and-sue/series-1/episode-4

photo 3Was a highlight at the end when I got to give Mel and Sue some of our home-grown chicken eggs from our lovely ladies including Lady Sussex and Nutmeg our little Bantam!

Overall, it was a fantastic day and experience and it was great to meet all the lovely people including Martha and Glyn who got me all settled in, many thanks!

Katy, The Good Life In Practice xx

including Lady Sussex and Nutmeg the little bantam!

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