Copenhagen Trip 2016 (Kobenhavn)


A last minute cheap trip to Denmark was agreed with a friend last half term. She found cheap Norwegian airlines deals – returns for £50! A last minute search for a hostel in Copenhagen city centre and we were off for two nights/three days on a fast, furious and hopefully cheap eating holiday! It was very exciting as I have not been able to go abroad since living in Switzerland previously (over 2 years ago). Denmark is not renowned for being cheap so we had to get lots of market food and cheap deals to make it work for us – and hence the short time we visited for. As always the amazing food was the focal point for us naturally!

Here are a few quick photos from the trip of amazing food to give a brief summary:

There were so many exciting mixtures of food! Easy to find veggie food too. A wholemeal, organic pasta bar, fish specialists, evening urban bars, traditional soups on the riverside and more…


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