A garden update…

A quick recap of what has been happening in the garden. I have worked from scratch in an overgrown, weedy garden trying to create flower beds and making a sustainable, crop producing place. Below a few photographs of some of the beds – the Lemonbalm has blossomed – lovely for tea making and fish dishes! Also the French Lavender ready for biscuit making, and other flowers to brighten the space and provide cut flowers for the house. Moreover, the chives are blooming ready to be added to a number of dishes to brighten them up. The Raspberry canes are doing well – hoping to get double the produce this year!

The currant and new Gooseberry plants have become more established and I can’t wait for fruiting season. Also, Mr Podge the cat has been loving the more active growing season – with me out and about in the garden gives him more of an excuse to sleep and sunbathe in the grass outside.

The mint varieties I have gone for are a bit random but I love trying the different types in tea. Grapefruit Mint, Chocolate Mint and Apple Mint simply smell delicious!

Garden photos 039


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