Sourced Locally Fortnight-Recipe


Sourced Locally Fortnight continues till 12th May in East Anglia and is a good excuse to try some fantastic, tasty, local produce! I walked down to my local COOP and brought some yummy local produce – all sourced from East Anglia. I just decided to start with a simple salad of local food – easy and tasty! I get bored of boring salads so this was a way of me actually wanting to eat a salad and making it fun.


-Garlic Mayonnaise (Sourced locally Stokes)

-Baby new potatoes (Sourced locally Fairfields Farm)

-Asparagus (Sourced locally Middleton)

-Munchy Seeds (Sourced locally Leiston)

-Mixed salad leaves, herbs, dandelion (homegrown)

-quarter tin of sweetcorn

-1 lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper, half teaspoon mustard (dressing mix)


-4 sections:

1 Put salad leaves mixed with herbs in one section,

2 Cut Asparagus into smaller sections. Boil briefly and place on plate,

3 Empty sweetcorn onto same plate. Mix up salad dressing and drizzle on 3 salads so far. Sprinkle Munchy Seeds over 3 sections.

4 Slice potatoes in half, boil in pan. Strain then mix in 2 big scoops of Garlic Mayonnaise. Mix some herbs into this (I also added some Dandelion petals to add colour).

Overall, a very simple salad to make and it make 4 portions; two for pack lunches and two for dinners!

I loved using the local produce and truly believe this initiative set up by the COOP encourages people to try local food more often. Additionally, I can say the Rhubarb I got (local) was delicious stewed served for breakfast with granola and also in a chocolate cake!


Above a quick picture of some of the goodies I brought to try as part of Sourced Locally Fortnight. If you want to find out more take a gander at the local COOP website:



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