A blog about smallholding and a 27 year old  woman with a cat named Mr Podge attempting to live a little greener and more environmentally friendly. Just a little blog here about all the trials, attempts, successes and failures of trying to live a little greener regardless of where we are living-including having livestock, gardening, herb growing, wood-work, eco-friendly ideas, nature watching and some cooking using home-grown products. Additionally, I take a particular interest in special diets-such as vegetarian new exciting dishes and gluten free options. I also try to keep up with the latest news on free range, organic and healthier ways of living.

I write for Smallholding magazines including a regular column in Smallholder Magazine, and would love to work for the Countryfile team or to be a food/drink/countryside issues writer or presenter : ) I have a passion for sharing news and stories with others and making people more aware of issues. It would be great to hear any news from other people, discuss or share ideas to help smallhold even in the smallest/most random locations.

A little bit about The Good Life In Practice blogger Katy:

  • Committee member of the Suffolk Smallholders Society
  • Member of the Suffolk and Essex Poultry Club
  • Level 3 Diploma in Countryside Management and Conservation
  • UK Brushcutting Certificate
  • Has been Smallholding in England and Switzerland.
  • Volunteering experience with The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, Nottingham Wildlife Trust (including Forest Schools), Suffolk Coasts and Heaths AONB and has worked for English Heritage.
  • Baking,cooking and catering for special diets regularly at home personally and experience through careers such as being a catering coordinator (Girlguiding Caterers Award).
  • Experience with hiking and camping through Girlguiding UK in the UK, Russia and Switzerland.
  • Keeps Meat rabbits, Bantams, Ducks, Chickens and also 3 cats as well as tending the veg patch, herbs and fruit trees!
  •  Used to helping my father with cattle when I was young and the vegetable patch.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. HI thank you for popping by the other day – have meant to leave a comment on your blog as I think it is great but am not very good at the Blog v Painting balance at the moment. I really enjoy the mixture of short Posts with your lovely photos. So interesting to read about an ex-pat settling into a new country. Looking forward to hearing your news. cheers KnitNell

  2. Dear Katy,

    I tuned into ‘Mel and Sue’ yesterday – well done! You were really calm and collected, as though you’d been presenting programmes for years. I couldn’t have done it!
    I was interested to hear that you do kill and eat some of your cockerels. I’m actually commissioned to write an article about eating home-grown chickens for a magazine, and wondered whether I could ask you a couple of things: what breeds do you kill? How often do you kill one? And how, exactly, do you do it? Any help would be much appreciated.

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