Suffolk Smallholders AGM and annual show 2016

Just a few quick pictures from our Suffolk Smallholders Society annual produce show and AGM. It was very well attended and we had some fantastic entries to the produce show – well done to all!


Wild Swimming and Hiking trip

Just a few quick pictures from a very quick, rapid visit to the Lake District and the Peak District. Lots of opportunity to do hiking, long walks and a bit of wild swimming – although it was still very cold!

Discovered a lovely little river near Ambleside for a quick paddle and swim and also managed to climb Mam Tor down in the Peak District. Some long walks near the new Sticklebarn National Trust Pub in the Lake District too – definitely one to come back to again in the Winter – the Scones and Cider were amazing even if it was raining on that day!

Just a few snaps to show the flavour of the trip – cannot wait to go back to do more Wild Swimming and exploring as simply love this region of Britain and the wilderness it offers.


Foraging Course with Suffolk Smallholders Society April 2015

We had a great first foraging course with expert Jon Tyler as part of our Suffolk Smallholders Society programme of events.

We had a great Sunday morning walk round a local forest whilst finding and tasting local foraging items including Birch Sap, Beech leaves and watercress. Additionally, we had a fantastic session at the end of the day with cooking and trying the produce we had collected in our wicker baskets during the walk.

We prepared and ate/drank the following:

-Dandelion Marmalade

-Birch Sap

-Birch Liqueur

-Blanched Ransomes with butter and lemon

-Nettle and Wild Garlic Pesto with crackers

-Pine and Nettle Tea

Overall, we had a grand time and each want to try all our new ideas out at home! On my list of things to add to the smallholding is another decent foraging guide to assist me when I head out to find small quantities of foraged goods. Can’t wait!  We will be holding more foraging courses during the year so it would be lovely to see more members!

Katy, The Good Life In Practice xx

A selection of pictures below but I will put more up on The Good Life In Practice facebook page.

Christmas Creations

My home made Christmas Pudding was a success and my sister Tabitha designed and decorated a fantastic Christmas cake.

I do hope you all had a lovely and heart-warming festive time and I wish you a very happy and joyous New Year!

Our new chickens!

For our family house-warming we received some fantastic and very thoughtful house-warming presents! Our Uncle and Aunties family gave us 3 new chickens to add to the flock! We have named them Edwina, Christina and Hunstanton (chosen by a young cousin!). Additionally, my parents gave us a fantastic new chicken house to use in the new run we constructed! Thank you to family and friends for supporting our smallholding ideas : )

The Edible Garden Show

We managed to get down to the Edible Garden Show last weekend – it was fantastic!

Amongst all the stands and stalls there were a number of shows and workshops going on. We managed to see James Wong’s talk, Rachael Greens cookery demonstration and a Cider workshop too.

The location was really stunning – based on the top of a hill with parkland around with London in the distance. Alexandra Palace was beautiful but the driving there and back was a bit stressful being the middle of London!

Also went to the Poultry stand and heard a good talk with incubation tips.

However, we enjoyed the day and brought some goodies for the garden and worryingly more food items for ourselves – vegan chocolate mud pie and a really tasty bottle of salad dressing as a few notable favourites! All in all a good day out!

Lady Marmalade!

Results from the international marmalade awards are out! They had a great event at the Dalemain Marmalade Awards this year in Cumbria. Unfortunately I didn’t make it there but still put 2 entries in by post. They had the record number of entries this year which is fantastic news – preserving is making a comeback!

Here is a link to their website:

They sent out participating certificates for all (which I was excited about!)….they I opened them and found to my surprise I was lucky enough to get a Merit for Marmalade with interesting addition (mine was Quince) and Bronze for first timers Marmalade!

Got rather excited as it was a first attempt ever at Marmalade..Jam and Chutneys are well practised but not Marmalade so was very chuffed!

Anyho, here are a few quick snaps of the certificates and a rather happy smallholder!

Thankyou Dalemain Marmalade Awards and I look forward to trying again next year in a few other categories : )

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x