Featured in Grow Your Own magazine

Just a quick shout out to say I have been featured in last two Grow Your Own Magazines talking about chickens again! : )

Below a quick hint at the January article on sale now,


Many thanks Katy, The Good Life In Practice xx


Blog for Thompson and Morgan

Another quick link here to my regular blog posts for Thompson and Morgan – a seed and plant company locally. There are a number of useful and detailed blog posts on their website from a number of guest bloggers on a range of garden topics. Here is link to my most recent post for them:


On BBC Radio

A very quick post to say I was lucky enough to be on BBC radio Northampton today. Was very happy and excited about having a quick, live interview with the lovely Helen all about the blog and smallholding. It is a quick, live interview (about ten minutes) and you can listen to it here:


(It’s 1 hour and 38 minutes in). I wasn’t aware at the time how often I was saying “slightly obsessed”; must try to say that less when I am passionately speaking about something! Also, I was rather excited when I managed to sneak in the mention of Mr Podge the cat and the fact they mentioned him a few more times – legend of a cat already.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer, much love,

Katy, The Good Life In Practice xx…and Mr Podgington the farm cat (paw print)…

Thompson and Morgan Blog

I am lucky enough to be one of the regular bloggers for Thompson and Morgan. They have some fantastic seeds and other gardening supplies. I have really enjoyed using the seeds so far this growing season from them – in particular the Wasabi Salad seeds!

Here is a link if you fancy having a browse of my blog on their website or other articles to read:http://blog.thompson-morgan.com/the-good-life-in-practice-for-thompson-and-morgan-the-initial-garden-set-up/

My first talk and presentation October 2015!


I was very excited to plan and deliver my first ever talk about smallholding to a local village AGM last October. I briefly managed to upload some photographs then but only now getting round to doing a write up of it – time always seems to fly by. There was about 30-40 people listening in the local village hall.  Even though I love talking (those who know me are fully aware of this!) and get up and teach a room of children everyday I was getting rather nervous in the run up to speaking in front of a room of adults!

I had a table of all my goodies, published articles and smallholding oddities as well as a simple PowerPoint. I began explaining why I did smallholding, the successes and failures and also what livestock/types of things I did. This of course included some funny stories about Mr Podge the cat getting into trouble; broody, scary hens and escapee bantams.

Between the stories and photographs I served some different canapés for people to try during the talk. I had two beautiful assistants to hand these out (my dad and partner).


The canapés were as follows:

-Nettle pesto served on cheesy crackers topped with Nasturtium flowers

-Rosehip Jelly served on chestnut gluten free crackers with mature cheddar cheese

-Marmalade with Quince served on oatcakes with Hazelnuts

-Blanched Nettle and goats cheese puff pastry tart

-Very alcoholic Blackberry wine spritzed with lemonade with floating blackberries

-Hot herbal teas (Nettle or Mint)


I thoroughly enjoyed this evening and preparing this talk and would love the opportunity to do similar events in the future – Thankyou for having me!

Katy, The Good Life In Practice xx



Article in Grow Your Own April 2015

I was lucky enough to be a featured article in the newest issue of Grow Your Own Magazine. I wrote an article on everyday chicken keeping – lots of handy, quick tips for the mornings, afternoons and evening jobs!

Catch a copy for a read if you can, would love to hear your feedback on it and other articles : )

It’s a fab magazine with lots of interesting articles – I like the recipes and veg tips best!

Katy, The Good Life In Practice xx