TV appearances: 

Mel and Sue, Feb 2015, ITV channel, cooking episode – making Rabbit nuggets with a tasty tomato ragu and garlic potatoes.

Radio appearances:

BBC Northampton: Interview about the blog, self sufficiency and ‘The Good Life’.  August 2016


Local AGM presentation and food testing, October 2015

Some of the Magazine The Good Life In Practice has Published Articles in:

Published Magazine and Internet Articles:

Smallholder Magazine, Monthly Column ‘What Katy Did Next’ March 2013 – Present and 3 page article ‘Farming in the Swiss Alps’ September 2013, new look illustrated regular back page column Smallholder new page

Various articles for Suffolk Smallholders Society Newsletter-Present

Regular articles for online blog for Thompson and Morgan Seed company 2013-present

Grow Your Own Magazine, 4 articles on keeping chickens, Running from Jan 2015 – Feb 2016

East Anglian Daily Times Newspaper, Lemon and Lavender Biscuit Recipe, March 2015

British Woodworking Magazine, Strike Force – Swiss Matchbox Making, June 2014

The Bushcraft Magazine, Fancy a cup of Krauter Tee?, May 2014

Suffolk Magazine, It’s a good life, April 2014

Home Farmer Magazine, Permaculture tips for the plot, December 2013

Grow Your Own Magazine – Let It Snow Winter Planting, November 2013

Suffolk Norfolk Life Magazine – Tending your own plot, October 2013

Permaculture Magazine – Smallholding Methods across Europe: Fruit Drying and Traditional Beekeeping: the bee hotels of Switzerland and Germany, September 2013

Newly Swissed Online Magazine, Swiss Farm Olympics Revealed: Scything September 2013 and  Keeping Chickens In The Alpine Regions Of Switzerland August 2013,  Homesteading in the US and Smallholding in the UK – are they the same, do they have the same issues and how can you try it on the small or large scale in both countries? June 2013

Home Farmer Magazine, A real tale of downshifting Feb 2013

Country Smallholding Magazine, Going Green In Switzerland Nov 2012

Backwoods Home Magazine – various online articles, recipes and anecdotes, – 2012-present

Guest Blogging:

Foodie Sarah, July 2013

Adventures of a Pastry Chef, June 2013

The Smallholder Series, April 2013

Thompson and Morgan, April 2013

Smallholders Review, March 2013

Back Garden Poultry Hatcher, Jan 2013

East Essex Smallholding Group, Jan 2013

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