Our Produce

We have at the farm door and also swap our produce locally.

Produce available:

  • Fresh eggs from free to roam chickens
  • Fresh eggs from free to roam runner ducks
  • Fresh eggs from free to roam bantams

All our eggs are laid by our own poultry. Our Ducks are Indian Runner Ducks. Moreover, we have a selection of hybrid and pure breed chickens and bantams. This includes Leghorn, Barred Rocks and English Game. They all roam free in our large back garden and are all named and well cared for! From time to time we also have surplus female and male stock for bartering including POL. Do get in contact if interested.

  • Jams
  • Chutneys
  • Marmalades
  • Pickles

The preserves we make in small batches and it depends what is growing or available seasonally. We also forage for other more unusual produce such as Sloes, Rosehips, Damsons and Hawthorn. Favourites include Plum Jam, Spicy Pear Chutney, Blackcurrant Jam and Rosehip Jelly.

  • Fresh Vegetables

Again, it depends what is in season but usually something fresh is available to exchange or barter!

  • Cakes, pastries, breads, pizza doughs

We can make a selection of farmhouse cakes and bakes such as the classic chocolate cake, lemon drizzle, pound cake and also breads such as herb and red onion rolls. Pizza doughs are made up in batches and frozen – we try to use local good quality flour such as Marriages.

  • Home reared outdoor rabbit meat

Lastly, we produce home reared outdoor rabbit meat. We rear and breed them ourselves in our large back garden and they are well cared for with their main pellet food, along with extra treats of clover, grass, fruit and twigs. Our rabbits are raised, dispatched and prepared all on the premises so there are no long travelling or transporting periods. Additionally, it is a locally produced meat from a small scale family venture – thus the meat produced is very local and fresh. Rabbit meat is lean so is a healthy alternative meat to try and is similar tasting to chicken.

We produce prepared Casserole sets, BBQ sets (different flavours including Sweet and Sour and American Spice Rub), saddle and thigh mixes. Do contact us if you are interested in something in particular.

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