Press and Advertising

Advertising: The Good Life in Practice would love requests for small text or picture advertisements or sponsorship on the blog which are in keeping with what I blog about-for example, smallholding, sustainability, cooking and veg growing. I am always happy to look at relevant product reviews for free (If I can keep product)-drop me an email to enquire. I often discuss recipe ideas, poultry, backyard produce growing, wildlife and wood work amongst other self-sufficiency aims.

Articles, Guest postings and features: I am very happy to accept invites from commissioning editors. publishers and fellow bloggers to write on familiar topics to the topics I blog about and take an interest in. For more information drop me an email.

Talks and presentations: I can offer a range of after dinner talks for groups i.e. WI, AGMS and more on a number of topics including smallholding, cooking and more all with a humorous view of life and the countryside. Additionally, I can offer simple catering/tasters with these if required. Please email me for future details.

Press: Send me an email directly if you would like a quick interview, chat, have any questions/thoughts or any other press concerns email me on:

Twitter: the good life in practice

Facebook page: The Good Life In Practice


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