A garden update…

A quick recap of what has been happening in the garden. I have worked from scratch in an overgrown, weedy garden trying to create flower beds and making a sustainable, crop producing place. Below a few photographs of some of the beds – the Lemonbalm has blossomed – lovely for tea making and fish dishes! Also the French Lavender ready for biscuit making, and other flowers to brighten the space and provide cut flowers for the house. Moreover, the chives are blooming ready to be added to a number of dishes to brighten them up. The Raspberry canes are doing well – hoping to get double the produce this year!

The currant and new Gooseberry plants have become more established and I can’t wait for fruiting season. Also, Mr Podge the cat has been loving the more active growing season – with me out and about in the garden gives him more of an excuse to sleep and sunbathe in the grass outside.

The mint varieties I have gone for are a bit random but I love trying the different types in tea. Grapefruit Mint, Chocolate Mint and Apple Mint simply smell delicious!

Garden photos 039

Another trip to the allotment – progress is being made!

Another few hours on the new allotment trying to get it started and ready to plant in. It looks like something is happening now in the ground – exciting! Again, I had some helpers with me thankfully!

Now the crops planted are as follows: Potatoes, Red Onions, Peas, Broad Beans, Peas, Rhubarb, Sweet Peas flowers, Strawberry plants and another Currant plant.

Below a few pictures with notes on progress made; please let me know what you think. The Good Life In Practice x


2nd trip to the new allotment

Had another quick session working on the new allotment this week. Managed to turn over a bit more of the soil ready for planting and getting the plot back to a good shape. Have planted the potatoes and red onion sets (Red Baron).

The hope eventually is to make wooden pallet fencing, get a shed on site and really make it perfect as an additional space to grow produce on and to spend time in. As well as produce I hope to have a section to grow cut flowers for the house and a wild flower section for Bees and other wildlife.

palfrey and hall 379palfrey and hall 380palfrey and hall 381palfrey and hall 382

First visit to the new allotment 2016

A few quick pictures of the new allotment I have rented -it hasn’t been worked for 2 years so lots to do! 2 weeks ago I got started on weeding it and turning over the soil-of course with help. Thank you helpers! We managed to clear weeds, turn soil on a small section and temporarily fence off the plot. It will take a while to get it back to growing state all over but I will work on it a bit at a time.

Here are a few pictures of the plot after day 1:

palfrey and hall 371palfrey and hall 372

Thompson and Morgan Press day 2015

I was lucky enough to be one of the few people invited along to Thompson and Morgans (http://www.thompson-morgan.com/) new show garden at Jimmys Farm. It was a beautiful, scorching hot day and it was fantastic to see the new trial garden looking amazing! We had a tour of the garden with notes on new additions and introductions to new flowers and plants. I will share more information on these at a later date – lots of news. Just for now a few pictures and words for an update!

We then had a great talk about all the classic and new varieties of veg and fruit there were. I particularly loved the small peppers – perfect for lunchboxes not just for kids but for adults too! Additionally, I noted down tomato and bean varieties that I want to try next year. We got to try some of the new rocket available – has a Wasabi taste hit to it. Think this will be a popular one.

After the talks and tours we then headed in to Jimmys barn and had a chance to talk to other bloggers, the T and M team and gardening experts. This was a brilliant time to get to know people – all accompanied by a superb afternoon tea selection including cake, sandwiches, scones with jam and edible flowers! A winner for me!

Before we all headed home we were given goodie bags packed with seed varieties, new compost types, plants, information booklets and the new apricot variety. Such a lot to carry but was absolutely amazing to get back home, unpack and have a good read through, gander and look at all of the produce and products. Lots more news again to come on the new additions and varieties.

Overall a fantastic afternoon with the welcoming Thompson and Morgan team, helpful as always and I relished the chance to learn more about your lovely, local company.

Katy, The Good Life In Practice xx

Outdoors update…

So after a break from posts for a bit a quick update from the garden and outdoors. The last few weeks we have had friends visiting, a quick visit back home to Yorkshire for a friends wedding and my parents have visited too! A busy time.

A few quick photos of our produce at the moment.

The peas are doing brilliantly! We have had many bowlfuls of them from the garden to use in risottos, pasta dishes and as a side vegetable. The Tomatoes are growing well up at this altitude but have not ripened yet.

We got lots of our veg seed this year from Thompson and Morgan, here’s a link to their site¬†http://www.thompson-morgan.com/¬†They have been great with sorting the order out and giving good tips and hints to grow the veg well!

Also we have been foraging regularly too. Around here we have wild raspberries and discovered red currants – we are very lucky so taking advantage of these!

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x

Quick report from back in the UK…


Just a quick report here from back in the UK. How the veggie garden is going there! My Dad and Mum have been busy keeping it growing and have got their first batch of fresh strawberries from the garden this week!

Here are a few pictures from the veggie garden – some are in the front garden and some are in the back garden in a fenced in area next to the chicken run. The chickens love it in the autumn as sometimes they get over the fence and run around in all the leaves and crops!

Dad has been putting up some netting to keep white butterflies out, also growing spring onions, leeks, red beet, swedes, black salsify, carrots and short beans.Also salad lettuce crops growing in window boxes! Summer is truly here!

Also my family are getting 4 bantams in a few weeks and they went to see them on Wednesday at a local family who keep backyard chickens. The mother hen had 14 eggs to hatch and they only lost one so 13 chicks! Tabitha, my sister took some photos for me of the chicks – all different colours, and some with fluffy feathery feet!

Looking forward to seeing the bantams : )

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x