Bantams on Bank Holiday…

The 2 Bantams Nutmeg and Liquorice are being pains – both have gone broody! Therefore I am frequently venturing in and putting them outside for some water and a walk about in the hope they will go back to normal. If this goes on it will be the cooler coop system to try.

I managed to get some quick pictures of them looking cute and fluffy today before they angrily went about their business.

Only in Switzerland and a farewell to our Swiss Chickens…

So with just over a month to go before we head home to the UK, we have found homes for our 3 Swiss Chickens. Luckily we found a lovely local family in the valley who have 9 chickens themselves free range. So we prepared our chickens for their trip to their new home. I did have a little cry as I said bye to them and a quick cuddle (even with scary Fiona chicken!), and I know its silly but I did really enjoy having them and spending time with them.

Their new home was on an Alpine Farm in the big garden area. First we had to get them over the Suspension bridge to the house! Only in Switzerland!

Anyway, after re-clipping their wings we let them off one by one. The lady we gave them to had a lovely big area for them with a big shed for the evenings. Fiona had no problem being the leader and meeting the other chickens – she was twice as big and heavy as them all! Ariel had a bit of a fight with a few of the other chickens – they are the same breed so the other chickens were not as confused by her being there as with Fiona! Elvis joined the ranks and soon our 3 chickens ganged up together and were walking round exploring in a group of three, meeting the other chickens. All in all they settled in well for a first time and in Switzerland its much more normal to mix chickens.

Overall, I was sad to see our lovely ladies but glad they have a nice new home : )

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x

Quick Update about our Swiss Smallholding

Just a quick update here from Switzerland.

The chickens are doing well – 3 eggs a day which is grand and they are very friendly now with even Fiona the scary chicken being able to be stroked!

Also the sheep have had a change in the field nearby the chickens – a ram has been added this last week. The Ram will be in with them for a couple of weeks to mate but so far he has only showed one sign of interest in action! I think because the weather is so hot he is only interested really in sleeping! Oh well! However, the sheep do seem to be fascinated by the chickens and press their noses up to the wire to have a look and the feathered ladies.

Podge the Cat is being daft as usual (as the photos illustrate!) and being very dopey particularly on rainy days, sleeping on the sofa on whichever is the closest and warmest lap. He is hunting more in the summer and unfortunately has caught a few birds,rats and for some reason dragonflies!

We are having probably our last crop of peas this week and the cut and come again lettuce has been very useful. Made a Frittata the other day with fresh herbs from the garden and eggs from our feathered ladies.

How is your summer going? good crops? would be lovely to hear from you all : )

Right that is all for now, will report back soon,

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x

Bantam Banter…

Back in the UK my family have got the new bantams. We have got 4 new bantams who will have a little wait before they start laying.

They have been put in a separate area to the normal chickens and are enjoying exploring it. The old chickens are getting jealous of them getting all the recent attention so are all laying everyday a big egg to prove a point! : )

My sister was put in charge of naming them (they are female) and gave them ridiculous names. They are supposedly the musketeers Athos, Porthos, Aremis and D’artagnan. A bit silly but we shall see!

They are a variety of colours of ginger, grey, black and white and have feathery feet!

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x

Hen Party

We moved the ladies run to the other side to give them some fresh grass and also Michael made a new tunnel to the run so we can move them more regularly. Lots of carpentry work done!


Ariel (Ginger) is the most curious, with Elvis (white) being the greediest. Fiona (black) is the leader on the way out to the run in the mornings but forgets that I feed them then too – so rushes back to the house, by then she is at the back of the queue!

Here are a few pictures of them exploring and Fiona in the house: