The Good Life In Practice Recipe: Foraged Nettle and Goats Cheese Tart!

So this week I have been foraging lots of free nettles!

Nettles are similar to Spinach in taste once boiled, and do not sting once cooked! Also they contain lots of iron and vitamins that are good for you too : ) You can eat all of it including the stems but they can sometimes be tougher if they are older plants. I found the thicker stems to taste more like asparagus stems.

I like them as a foraged food as most people can have access to them, its totally free and they are easy to identify and use in cooking. I will post some soup and pesto recipes too soon. (N.B Ensure to wear thick gloves when picking them and use scissors to snip off as required. And again as with most things – if you have not tried before only eat in small amounts to begin with.)

Additionally, what is great about this is not only the Nettle are free but also we are using our own home grown herbs that we have in our garden! We have added our own chopped Chives and Oregano to the tart for extra taste!

Recipe (Serves 4): Ingredients:

-1 Roll Puff Pastry

-3 handfuls of Nettles (wash first in cold water and snip into pieces – removing larger stems if wanted)

-goats cheese (could use any cheese)

-a selection of herbs (we used oregano and chives from our garden)

-salt, chilli flakes


  1. Preheat Oven to 180’c.
  2. Put the Nettles into boiling water in a pan and boil for approx 10 minutes. Drain and sqeeze as much water out of the Nettles as you can.
  3. Roll out your puff pastry onto baking paper on your oven tray.
  4. Place nettles onto the puff pastry, spread evenly. Then crumble on as much goats cheese as you wish – lots in our case!
  5. Sprinkle with a dash of salt, chilli flakes and the herbs evenly.
  6. Pop in oven for approximately 30 minutes and serve with a salad or new potatoes!
the oregano going strong!

the oregano going strong!

I found this site which has extra tips and advice on growing your own veg and herbs! plus good ideas for small area gardening such as sprouting salads and potato plants in small spaces.

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