You say Potato, I say Potato…

We decided to lift up our potato crop yesterday. This was our first attempt at growing Potatoes. We did much research and reading up on the subject of when, how and where. We had some tubers in the house over spring preparing them for the ground. We we transferred them to the soil we followed the rule with covering them up at the start with earth when they reached up to the sun. HOWEVER, we did this for too long as we had an utterly rubbish harvest! I think we suffocated them and only had about 2 dinners worth of potatoes!

Its all a learning curve and we will be better prepared next year. Additionally, we will be on home soil then which may be easier – too much snow here even till mid June sometimes! We cut our losses and dug everything up and replanted different veg in the patch instead. We did get enough potatoes for a nice spicy hot potato salad though! : )

A few pictures from our potato-gate as it were…

A busy week for seed sowing…

So a quick allotment update!

We are having to start most of our seeds off indoors or on the balcony/windowsill area due to the cold and unpredictable weather. The Asparagus pea seeds are in their pots but will take a little while to get going I reckon.The lettuce seedlings are up and sprouting which is great news so in the next few weeks we should be seeing progress with mixed salad for our dinners! The Leek seedlings have been transferred to a bigger pot to continue to grow before we replant them outside in the allotment patch. The cucumber seeds are in too so hoping they will spring up in next 14-20 days.

Yesterday I planted a big tray of different sorts of seeds from Thompson and Morgan so looking forward to them. I have got most of my seeds this year from Thompson and Morgan and they have been great so here is the link if you are interested:

The herbs have been a great addition and we have been using them most nights in pasta sauces, curries and more!

All the news for now, Katy, The Good Life In Practice

Herbs and Progress

Just a quick update here-

We managed to go to a local garden/farm store to get more things for the new chickens-chicken wire roll for chicken run, a big bag of bio POL pellets and some bedding material.

Also I got some more herbs to add to our growing collection-but went for plants this time rather than seeds. We have Oregano, Chives and Basil added now! Look forward to using these for pasta sauces!

Whats more we have been getting underway with the fruit and veg patch-Michael dug and finished the third raised bed-have included a photo of the finished work!

Katy xx

The Good Life In Practice

Planting Seeds!

This weekend we have been trying to at least plant some seeds to get them started so we have some small plants to grow on and then transfer outside when it is better weather and Spring properly arrives! We are currently potting a number of seeds indoors every weekend in the hope they will begin to grow and be ready for the coming spring time. Also once they have grown a little we are aiming to harden off the plants everyday on the balcony to get them accustomed to the outdoor climate so we can fully plant them outside and have success!

In this last batch I had a great mixture of seeds to try:

Baby Leeks-provided by who have a great selection of seeds and plants! Also I got to use my new paper potter from them too-great fun and uses old newspapers to make free pots!

Some Electric Daisies (edible flowers) to zing up the allotment from who have a great variety of seeds including heritage seeds and James Wongs new collection.

Last but not least my Thyme and Rocket seeds to try from who sent me a great set including the name tags, seeds and a planting wheel to help me : )

Overall, I am very excited about testing this varied combination of seeds out-will keep you posted on which work best and how they get on growing and when we transfer some of them outside whilst others will be just as suited to the windowsill, wish us luck growing!

Katy : )