Product review – Tea Tourist


So I have been lucky enough to receive some fantastic goodies in the post – a tea selection from Tea Tourist! They basically send a selection of different teas to you each month from independent, small tea businesses around the world to try. Then if you want to find out more about a particular tea you can go online to discover more. Below are a few fact and ideas from me about the packs so far:


  • I have loved both November and December selections – great variety in types of tea and different companies. All were very good quality, fantastic smelling teas and all brewed very well with the suggested brewing times being very helpful.
  • I hadn’t heard of the tea partners before but after trying their teas and seeing bit of information about them on the back of the packet I then went on instagram and found their link to follow and learn more about their businesses/tea prices etc. I liked the fact that they were small, varied businesses with interesting stories behind them and the fact that they were so varied in their locations.


  • I love the boxes! It is so exciting to come home to a special delivery like that – it really perks up a long day after arriving back from work. The box signifies ‘me time’ as a cup of tea always helps me to relax and it’s exciting to see what is in new box each time. Additionally, it is good that the boxes can fit through letterbox so no faffing about with signing or having to pick up from post office if I am not in etc.


  • It’s exciting to discover new teas each time and the vast expanse of different varieties is fun too. For example, I am a lover of obscure herbal teas so am really enjoying the varied selection. I also liked the fact that the December box had some selections with a hint of Christmas in them i.e. Rooibos with Marzipan, Gingerbread chai and Scotch Acorns.
  • The sample sizes are just right so you can have 3-4 cups of each to ensure you like the flavour/try it different ways.
  • I like the fact that you can sign up bit by bit and postpone/cancel subscriptions at any time so it works in with a busy lifestyle too.
  • I have got a discount code which saves 30% off first subscription – just type GOODLIFE30 in discount space for the discount.

Take a gander on for more information.


Overall, a fabulous product and concept and I look forward to experimenting with the teas more.  The December one only arrived yesterday and I sat down last night and tried 3! Back to my tea drinking!

Katy, The Good Life In Practice xx