Take a look at some great websites here in connection with self-sufficiency, home growing, living greener and sustainability.

Information Gathering/ Learning: Brilliant magazine with lots of information on smallholding subjects ranging from recipes to poultry keeping! : )

(Photo sourced from: Website for Home Farmer magazine and also publishers of a wide range and selection of smallholding, allotment and home farming books and literature. Worth browsing for great alternative presents for family and friends-something for everyone! The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms website-sign up for a years membership to gain access to thousands of details about farms, smallholdings, communities and gardens which you can volunteer with. You offer to work and in return you get accommodation  food (often fresh or home-grown!) and can learn new skills and meet new people. A fabulous taster to try smallholding before you commit, you can try new skills and complete projects, learn from experts and travel to new places! The Accidental Smallholder-Smallholder in Scotland with great forum, information on each smallholding subject and events timetable too! A grand website stacked full of information on smallholding issues and also they offer a broad selection of DVDS to help the starter smallholder extend their range of skills. ‘The Smallholder’ magazine packed full of useful news and information for the current or wannabe smallholder and small scale farmer. The Rare Breeds Survival Trust website. All about Permaculture The Low Impact Living Initiative site-great fact-sheets and news on all aspects of homesteading, smallholding and living a little greener.

Pigs: British Pig Association-great site for information on breeders and breed facts. Kune Kune Pig Society for the UK.  The UK Tamworth Pig Club. British Lop Society Website.

Sheep: The Suffolk Sheep Society. The Hebridean Sheep Society.

Cattle: The Red Poll Cattle Society. The Red poll is a Suffolk Breed descended from Norfolk and Suffolk lines. The Highland Cattle Society.

Equine: The Suffolk Punch Trust. A beautiful heavy horse which is on the Rare Breeds list! The Suffolk Horse Society website.

Poultry: Suffolk and Essex Poultry Club online with all the information about competitions, meetings and other poultry news. Your chickens magazine-light hearted articles, poultry health information and readers stories-fantastic read! The National Poultry Club of Great Britain Website with all event and news updates regularly.

Beekeeping: The British Beekeeping Association-a good solid site for further information.

Clubs and Societies: East Essex Smallholders Group Page. A great smallholders site with latest news, useful external links and of course details about joining the group if you are local to Essex. Suffolk Smallholders Society-a society from my home county of Suffolk! : ) Lots of facts, contacts and information about how to get involved and meet like minded people.

Growing and Allotment: Suttons Seeds UK-everything for your growing needs-seeds, plants and gardening equipment. Thompson and Morgans-sell a great selection of seeds, starter plants and other equipment to make your allotment a success! ALLOTINABOX online shop selling great seed packages by post and also cool gift ideas for friends, family and for an indulgent self present for the growing fanatic!

Foodie sites and recipes: New site here linked to The Good Life In Practice–The Part Time Carnivore Campaign is NOT about eating no meat at all its about reducing our carbon footprint and to seek locally produced, organic or more sustainable meat to eat, please take a gander : ) Riverford Organics website-information on their organic veg box scheme and also a great source for recipes to use up those fruit and veg! : ) BBC GOOD FOOD site-a site I use to always get inspiration on a day I have none for cooking! Also excellent for seeking meal plans for special diets and healthy eating. The Jammy Bodger is making jam and all things preserving-take a look!

Fun and Useful Blogs: By Joshua Metcalfe, a contestant in the Farmers Apprentice screening on your UK televisions-a blog about his passions for farming and why he wants to get into the agricultural sector. Saving Rare Breeds Website-about conservation farming and an animal rescue charity-includes some excellent photography and collection of animal knowledge. Self Sufficient ISH-a website that acts as an urban guide to being self-sufficient ‘ish’. Good fun and informative. A great reading blog from a smallholding run by a couple living in Poland-excellent news and photos too. A nice varied blog all about chicken keeping from Andrew Homer-father, baker and fanatical poultry keeper! Blog based in Cardiff, South Wales includes recipes for egg based produce and updates on his broody flock : )

(photo sourced from My Imperfect Kitchen Blog-A lovely lady living in America giving us lots of foodie facts and some yummy recipes to tempt us! Is a lovely little blog from Fiona a mum and crafter who has set up home on the Island of Arran in Scotland. Brilliant blog here from Sophie about all things growing, planting and of course CHILLIES!

A life less simple-great little blog about smallholding inlcuding goat and sheep keeping

The stories and happenings of a smallholding recently set up down in Cornwall, Uk

Sourcing Good Produce and Products: Muddy Carrot is a great source of information on living a little greener and also you can search for local suppliers and buy local or green goods online! Cyrils Soap Shed-the perfect little present to a friend-hand made soap from goats milk based in the New Forest, UK. Honeybuns Bakery who make delicious cakes and bakes for gluten free allergies. Excellent gifts!

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